Secret Eats – The Cafe With No Name – Udaipur, India

If like us, you want to avoid over priced restaurants selling western style curries and Indian food then look no further than this tiny little cafe opposite Jagdish Temple. It does really have a name but being a proper local cafe it was all in Hindi so we just had to go with No Name! You’re not going to get a full meal here but if you want a quick snack and amazing chai then this is the place for you! We went here pretty much everyday to get the awesome crushed Kachori or Samosa with yoghurt, sauce, nuts and herbs on top! It was so delicious!

Everyone who went after we recommended it to them were converted instantly and we think we doubled their trade in the 3 weeks weeks we were living in Udaipur. We were happy to help these guys out though as they are really friendly, kind locals who apparently just love serving up amazing little snacks! You’ll pay 10 rupees for a Chai and 25 rupees for a snack bowl with all the toppings….yes that’s 20p!!

Happy Josh
Happy Josh!

To find this little gem get to Jagdish Chowk and stand with your back turned to Jagdish Temple; you’ll see a little road and a blue archway directly opposite you. Go under here and directly on the right hand side is this great little find. Please don’t be put off by the slightly rustic exterior…..and interior for that matter, we ate there for 3 weeks and didn’t get sick once. Plus its always packed to the brim with locals which is a sure sign that this place is a popular one. ¬†Everything is freshly made each morning and throughout the day; you can often see them cooking up new batches of Samosa or Kachouri inside!

If you’ve had enough of fried snacks then be sure to opt for the Poha instead. It’s a traditional Indian breakfast food made from flattened rice and mixed with onions, sev and lots of coriander and its totally awesome!

Go and check this local secret out for yourselves and we bet you go back more than once! Let us know if you try it!


C & J  x

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