Secret Eats – Pateta – Hanoi, Vietnam

So we have to start this secret eat with a bit of an embarrassing confession. We know that we’re supposed to be adventurous and exploratory, especially in a city with so much great food but we just couldn’t help ourselves…we went to Pateta in Hanoi EVERY day! Bad but it was just so damn good! Not only does it have THE best people watching rooftop balcony but also the biggest selection of banh mi in Hanoi (which also come with those really cute, tasty little bananas!), the coldest beer and its damn cheap!! Plus, if that wasn’t enough it also has great wifi AND a happy hour…writing this is almost making us wish we were back there right now!!

To find this awesome place just wander along Ma May in the Old Quarter, you will come to a junction just past the Hanoi backpackers hostel, look up and see the little balcony and this is Pateta! Squeeze up some tiny flights of stairs out onto the breezy balcony, find a stool and get ordering!!

The menu at Pateta is huuuuge and includes everything from the classic pork banh mi to ones with meatballs, tuna, BBQ chicken, omelette filled, meat feasts, ham…you name it! The most expensive one on the menu being only 35k VND! Grab a waiter and don’t forget you’re cold Larue beer for only 15k VND! Sit back and enjoy gazing down on to the chaos below whilst you wait for you’re order!

Banh mi are a great snack at any time of the day and the ones at Pateta aren’t just cheap, they’re also delicious! This place does these traditional Vietnamese bites to perfection and in a really cool setting! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can while an afternoon here….or a whole morning or really a whole day especially if the Larue keeps flowing!

Pateta is an absolute must visit in Hanoi for any thrifty backpackers out there!


C & J x

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