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If you’ve been travelling for a while in India or elsewhere you know it can often be hard to find your usual healthy meals of fruits, mueslis and smoothies that you so easily indulge in at home. After four months in India we were most certainly craving some fresh fruit goodness and so when we stumbled upon Pap’s Juice’s we were in fruit heaven!

Situated next to the footbridge that connects Udaipur town to the small lake island Paps is not easily missed with its bright pink sign and tantalising pile of pineapples, Mangoes bananas outside. Seeing this alone will tempt you inside but when you see and try the menu you will be hooked for life…or just however long you’re staying for!

Pap's Juices Udaipur

Paps menu is not huge but has everything you need for a healthy kick; fresh juices, smoothies, traditional lassi’s and muesli bowls. Locally the muesli bowls are a bit famous and you shouldn’t leave Udaipur without trying one! At a cost of 200 rupees it feels like a lot but when presented with a bowl heaped with muesli, curd, nuts, fruit you really won’t be disappointed. Order a breakfast smoothie to go with it or if there’s something else you fancy that’s not on the menu just ask Pap and we’re sure he’ll be more than happy to make it! We wanted just an all mango smoothie and he happily obliged; whizzing and mixing away until we were served the thickest, creamiest, freshest mango smoothie ever (90 rupees).

Pap's Juices Udaipur

Safe to say we went back to Paps on a number of occasions and it was a first place we would recommend to any hungry backpackers in the morning! It was always a winner!

Enjoy your slice of healthy living right in the centre of Udaipur!

C & J x

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