Secret Eats – Meewitha Cool Spot – Weligama, Sri Lanka

I mean it’s all in the name really isn’t it?

One night in Weligama as the beachside beers were flowing and a few games of drinking UNO (yes, this is a thing!) were underway we inevitably decided to go in hunt of some good food. Luckily, we happened to stumble across Meewitha! Set up in the front of a families house this place is small and modest looking from the outside but the food is anything but!

Meewitha serves up traditional home cooked Sri Lankan rice and curry and judging at how busy it is every single night it really is the cool spot to be. We had to wait around five minutes for a table and even then the four of us squeezed onto a small round table in the corner but it was worth it. We all ordered the rice and curry as, having only been in Sri Lanka for a few days, were yet to experience it! Rice and Curry is the traditional Sri Lankan dish that you will see served up in every restaurant across the country; its plain rice with usually around five different vegetable curries and a choice of chicken or fish curry if desired. We all chose different options but when the plate came piled high I think all of our mouths began to water.

We dug in and were delighted at the delicious assortment of flavours which, nearing the end of the plate, we struggled to finish! Little did we know then that this small family-run place would churn out some of the best rice and curry we ate on our entire Sri Lankan trip! The plates are 8-850 SLR (£4.50) each which whilst we originally thought was quite a lot we came to realise that this was about the average price for this type of dish and for one so delicious we now only wish we could have gone back again!

So, if you find yourself in the area then be sure to check out the cool spot for yourselves!

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