Secret Eats – Yee Fung Laksa – Kota Kinabalu, Borneo

Okay so this isn’t reaaally a secret but it’s so damn good we just had to share. You will know as soon as you’ve found this place on Jalan Gaya as it is always, always full. Whether you walk past at 10am or 5pm it is always overflowing with people all hustling for the next table. Keep an eye out for the next people leaving and grab your seat…they go quickly!

Inside the service is very quick – you have only a few dishes to choose from but it is the laksa and chicken clay pot that this place is famous for and which the people flock to. We have been about five times now and haven’t managed to try anything other than the laksa…it is sooo creamy and delicious! This combined with their frothy ice teas is the perfect lunch or early dinner.

Doors close here at 6pm – we always wondered why but with it being so busy all day every day we guessed they probably needed a break…or just ran out of food!

This is definitely not one to be missed and for only 7 Ringgit an absolute bargain!


C & J


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