Secret Eats – Ganesh Restaurant – Jaipur, India

Okay, so we think Ganesh Restaurant might actually be in the Lonely Planet guide but we are here to tell you, even if it is, that you should definitely go! From the outside this local Jaipur joint is almost impossible to find; hidden between shops on Nehru Bazaar near Sanganeri Gate but ask any of the shop owners and they will point you on in the right direction. And yes, the stairway up looks like you are being led into a weird upstairs dungeon but please persevere. Once you get to the top of the stairs you are greeted by a friendly little restaurant right on top of the Pink City Wall…pretty cool! With a great view of both the Albert Hall and the busy bazaar underneath you this is a great vantage point to watch the world go by and actually find a bit of ‘peaceful’ seclusion from the busy streets below.

Random, but if you like garlic and naan bread, this place has the most ridiculously garlicy naan bread we have ever tried (90 Rs)! Please, PLEASE go inside and see the two guys making the naans then cooking them in the tandoori oven that is actually made out of the Pink City wall itself. Its a sight to behold when they slap your naan on the inside of the burning oven with their bare hands!

If you’re really not a garlic fan and naan doesn’t take your fancy for a light snack while resting your legs from the inevitable slog around Jaipur then we would highly recommend chowing down on the awesome Malai Kofta (170 Rs) they serve up here. All the other curries looked pretty good but this was by far our favourite of those that we sampled!

Unfortunately, the little rascals that run Ganesh Restaurant insist on charging tax on the bill (not sure where that goes? Hmmm) but its only a little more expensive than some of the other eateries dotted around Jaipur and certainly cheaper than anything you can find on MI Road. Don’t expect quality service and a red carpet rolled out, this really is just a place on top of a wall but if you’re in it, like we were, for the novelty of garlic naan cooked in the Pink City walls then definitely check it out and be ready to breathe a garlicky fire for days after….lucky us!


C & J x

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