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Situated on the old line which once separated Old Delhi and New Delhi, Stops Hostel is a great place to escape the hectic buzz of Delhi whilst still being central to the action. Found on Asif Ali Road near to Delhi Gate, Stops Hostel was a perfect base for exploring everything from Connaught Place to the bazaars of Old Delhi. We stayed for two nights in a four bed dorm and would definitely recommend Stops Delhi as a chilled out, backpacker hideaway.

The Common Area

Stops Delhi

As you head upstairs the first thing you hit in Stops Delhi is the common room and no sooner do you walk through the curtain and into the cool air-conditioned room you know you’ve picked a great place to stay. It has everything a traditional backpacker haunt could ask for; from a pool table (although with an outrageous slant, allow for it!), table football, books, free computers, sofas covered in whacky Indian textiles and a huge cushioned area on the floor for sprawling out on after a day – or lets face it even an hour – exploring Delhi!

Stops Delhi

To top it off one wall is solely dedicated to a huge projector which plays sports or movies pretty much all day long…awesome! It was so chilled out in here that we’re sure some people never actually left the room and even we cant deny that once we laid down on those cushions is was hard to drag yourself back up. All in all its a modern central space in the hostel filled with entertainment as well as a great open place to meet fellow backpackers and discuss your game plan on you’re going to tackle Central Delhi and come out alive on the otherside…okay, so its not that bad but you get the idea!

The Rooms

Stops Delhi

As you first walk along the corridors in Stops you might think you’ve entered some kind of labyrinth – the number of floors and rooms seems unending as this place is packed out with plenty of dorm and double options.


As mentioned, we opted to stay in the 4 bed dorm which was cosy but with plenty of space to chuck our bags down, unpack a little and make ourselves at home. The beds were super comfy and all came equipped with what we now come to expect from a top class hostel; power points, a light, a comfy pillow (yes not some weird hard slab like some places!!) and a duvet cover.

Stops Delhi

Oh one little thing, its also a good chance to learn how to make your bed if you haven’t already mastered that skill as sheets are given to you at check-in…everyone needs to learn anyway so deal with it! Its also a cool guarantee that the sheets are newly cleaned and smelling fresh which if you have been on the road for a while is always a welcome bonus! Massive lockers are also provided for every bed so if your in a security conscious mood just dump everything in there and head out to start exploring.

The Bathrooms

Stops Delhi

The bathrooms at Stops Delhi were a major win because if, like us, you have been on the road for a while and staying in hostels you unfortunately get used to showering in communal bathrooms where the water doesn’t drain and you have to hop around trying to put your trousers on without them getting wet! Not here! The bathrooms are very much like your own hotel room bathroom with a hot shower (so dreamy!), toilet and basin all in a lockable room meaning we could shower in peace and get changed outside of the shower cubicle…how novel! The bathrooms were also kept spotlessly clean the whole time we were there!

The Kitchen

Stops Delhi

On the smaller side for nearly 100 beds in this place but they manage to organise breakfast smoothly everyday and still have space for people to keep their own food should you wish to dish up something special. One central square table makes it nearly impossible not to interact with other guests so get ready for a morning conversation and meet people for the coming days activities….or hide in the corner until people leave….?

The Breakfast

Its free….what else can be said? Backpackers love free food, or is that just us? Anyway, its bread, jam, cereal, milk, chai and an egg station (choose how you like them!) The chai is a real winner here and must be tried if nothing else! We filled up on two steaming mugs each morning…sugar high here we come!

The Courtyard

Stops Delhi

If there’s any smokers out there then there is a cool outside area lined with chairs and a stupidly comfortable hanging chair/hammock thing! Go and hang out with friends or just be able to breathe some fresh air away from the busy streets of Delhi. Its a super chilled out vibe and the massive fans are an added bonus as it gets VERY sweaty in Delhi….

The Activities

Stops Delhi

The hostel runs loads of cool activities everyday which you can see on a huge white board as you enter reception! Check out all the info and timings and then just write your name down on the clip board and wait to see who joins you!! We took the afternoon Old Delhi Street Food Tour (because we just cant get enough street food!) which we really enjoyed! It was taken by the manager of the hostel and was incredibly informative about both the streets, food and history of Old Delhi. It was an awesome way to see some more of the back lanes of Old Delhi which we may not have found or even known was there had we ventured out alone as usual.


Stops Delhi

And of course a great way to sample some of the most famous and tastiest street snacks going!

Stops Delhi


We would highly recommend the Kebab at Karims and the hot dessert – it tasted like bread and butter pudding and we enjoyed it so much we forgot the name….oops! The tour took about 2 hours but would have been a bit longer had it not been election day in Delhi which meant a lot of the stools, shops, and restaurants were closed! The activities range in price from 300 Rs to 700 Rs so choose something in your budget and give them a go!

The Furry Friends

Stops Delhi

Pet lovers rejoice, this place is a haven for some sweet rescue pups who can usually be found snoozing by the entrance and a few felines who creep around the common room and often curl up for a cuddle. If you’re not an animal fan then don’t be put off they are all very well trained and you can keep your distance should you choose. For us, this just made the hostel that little bit more homely.

Stops Delhi

All in all Stops Delhi is a funky hostel decorated with the usual traveller quotes, handprints and artwork to make you instantly feel the backpacker vibes.

Stops Delhi

The prices are a little more than you might find in other parts of India – dorms range from 400 to 700 rupees depending on date and time of year – but this is Delhi and if you want somewhere clean, comfortable and safe to stay then this is a fantastic budget option.

C & J x

We accepted a complimentary stay at Stops Delhi but all thoughts and opinions expressed are totally our own!

2 thoughts on “Review – Stops Hostel – Delhi, India

  1. This hostel looks more like a hotel, very cool! We have been toying with the idea of heading to India but are not looking forward to the crowds and uncleanliness, but we also live in NYC and its not actually that clean soooo haha. Great review!

    1. Hey guys! Yep it was a really great hostel & a great base for exploring Delhi! In terms of the crowds, to be honest it hasn’t been as intense as we thought it would be! Once you get out of the big cities or Rajasthan its not as busy as you imagine when you think of India! In terms of hostels its a really growing business here and there are many great hostel chains that provide awesome and really modern accommodation!!

      We would recommend India to absolutely everyone…it’s incredible! Let us know if you have any more questions about it but we’d say go!!!


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