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Hue to Hoi An

If you’re looking for complete freedom to roam the countryside on a scooter or motorbike between Hue and Hoi An then look no further than Motorvina for an amazing and affordable experience!

Whoever thought Motorvina up has really hit the nail on the head. Motorvina will come straight to the door of your accommodation with a scooter or motorbike of your choice, give you a contract to sign and pick up your bags or backpacks to take to your next destination. The main route is Hue to Hoi An or you can of course do this in reverse! We chose a cheap, automatic scooter for $19, agreed for the Motorvina worker to pick up our bags at 9.30am and drop off our bike. That’s basically it. We were off. The open road and our own routes to explore, the only condition being you get the bike back to the Motorvina office at the other end in Hoi An before it closes at 7pm.

The Hai Van pass, made famous by a TopGear episode, awaited with its winding roads up and over the mountain with incredible views to be seen. First stop though was the Elephant Falls and a dip in the freezing cold river. Its not the most scenic of places but it was take-your-breath-away refreshing that’s for sure!

We’d seen the TopGear episode while back in England and vaguely remembered the incredible road they raced along with some jaw-dropping views from the top of the mountain it scales. The perfect weather on route filled us with excitement and we put the peddle to the metal (as it were) to get there as soon as possible and cruise away the day!

Unfortunately, as soon as we got to the base of the mountain, the clouds and mist set in and on the way up we couldn’t see a blooming thing! Classic! We briefly considered driving back down and starting again but thought better of it as time was not on our side so we parked up and waited for the clouds to part. Thankfully, we got lucky and as the sun burnt through the clouds we were presented with that insane view down the valley to the ocean and beyond. Now was the time to let loose and feel the wind in our hair!

A quick bypass of the busy city of Danang along the beautiful beach road and Hoi An was in our sights. With burnt faces, dirty clothes, some very sore bum cheeks but with a sense of fulfilment we put on the cruise control and made our way into Hoi An.  It was a beautiful ride drifting through the rice paddies as the sun began to set and whizzing into the bustling old town streets and market stalls!

Arriving at the Motorvina office only one more obstacle stood in the way of an amazing day….were our bags actually in Hoi An?!….Of course they were! We breathed a sigh of relief and were swiftly dropped right back to the door of our chosen hostel in Hoi An. An easy end to an incredible day and a ride we will never forget!

You can go more expensive with tours sold from the main hostels in Vietnam but be prepared to pay about 3 times the amount just for the privilege. As we said, Motorvina will set you back $19 for the bike (which had been serviced and ran like new the whole way!), bag delivery and drop off to your hotel. We’ve all heard the horror stories of mopedding in Vietnam, but as long as you ride sensibly (or as sensibly as you can manage on such a thrilling ride!) and with a company like Motorvina there is only enjoyment to be had! We would truly recommend this to anyone looking to take to the open road in Vietnam.

Happy biking!

C & J


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