Review – Family Bungalows – Gili Air, Indonesia

Get off the boat on Gili Air and you will be greeted with the normal ‘cheap room, cheap room’, now you can either talk to these guys or simply walk on through and find your own accommodation.

We chose the second option as we like to get a feel for the island and where we actually want to be situated rather than being told! The accommodation on Gili Air is all very close together but varies in price massively and normally on the side backpackers don’t enjoy…expensive!

Again, in Indonesia it seems staying in hostels is much more expensive than sharing a private room so we were primarily looking for that! Most of the rooms we looked at were either far too expensive or averaged around the 250-300k a night mark (for us above budget).

After a good 45 minutes looking around the main streets on the East Coast we happened across Family Bungalows. Its inland, not quite in the middle of the island but still only a 15 minute walk from the action. After some negotiating we managed to get a massive bungalow to ourselves for 200k a night with breakfast included so we snapped it up!

The bungalow itself was amazing for the price, a 4 poster king size bed, open air shower, toilet and bathroom and a very clean interior!

The gardens surrounding the bungalows are very well kept and every morning you can expect to be woken up by the sound of the gardener chopping down fresh coconuts from the palm trees which they serve to you on your terrace free of charge! Amazing! The son of the owner is an incredibly nice guy and has an extremely cute baby (not that that’s relevant) but it adds to the ‘family’ atmosphere here!

The breakfast menu that you can chose from every morning includes all different types of Jaffles (toasties – we would recommend the egg and cheese), omelettes, fried eggs, pancakes all of which are accompanied by fresh papaya and watermelon!! Oh and not forgetting tea or coffee! Yum!

We are sure that if you scout around you could find cheaper but for the service, location and price of Family Bungalows we would recommend to anyone heading there in the near future….a real gem!

Let us know if you stay there too!

C & J


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