Our Story – A Night of Horror, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

Now it may appear that our travels so far have been all sweetness and light and paradise beaches but there’s always that other side of travel…which for the most part you don’t see in the perfect world that Instagram has created for us. But after one night in a guesthouse in Kuala Terengganu let us assure you its out there.

Kuala Terengganu or KT as its more ‘affectionately’ known by locals is mostly just a stopover point to connect travellers to Mersing and the port to Kapas. It was just the same for us but, for the ease of travel, we stayed for the night to see what KT had to offer…and nearly didn’t make it out alive!

Okay, well, maybe not really but on arrival at our chosen guesthouse (Ping Anchorage) which, its fair to say, was noted as the ‘cheapest in town’ we basically walked into the set of the film Hostel. Lying on the suspiciously stained sheets on our twin beds pushed up against some rotting walls, with the sound of what we of course thought was a chainsaw somewhere in the background, our minds ran wild! At one point when Charlotte was in the shower a drill timely started in the next room and thanks to the beauty of film all sorts of gory violent scenes sprang to mind and the fear of decapitation was rife…really!

See photo evidence here…


We scared ourselves sufficiently and left to explore for the evening and to minimize the time we spent in the guesthouse (and thus the chances of death by chainsaw) and found a great, buzzy night market in the centre of Chinatown. We filled up on laksa and the biggest iced coffee you have ever, ever seen before returning to face the music, caffeinated up to the max and alert to ward off crazed sadistic businessman (if you haven’t seen the film this may sound weird, so watch it!)

Luckily, as i’m sure your all very surprised to hear we made it through the night unscathed, although, not without some serious rusty stains on our towels…really life or death stuff! We left swiftly at 7am the next morning for some much needed revival on the island of Tioman.

So beware! Or don’t spend £2 on a hostel that they have already told you will be terrible…

Safe travels people!

C & J


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