Secret Eats – Grab’ing Hands/Fruto – Kota Kinabalu, Borneo

So this place is a little out of the ordinary to our usual secret eats but a place we have come to love in our time spent in KK. Its slightly more modern and expensive than our usual hangouts but basically it does a cheep beer deal; 3 cans for 15 ringgit…cant go wrong!

We stumbled upon this place on our first day in KK walking along Gaya Street. Fruto, the juice bar outside, was like a shining beacon after a fruitless Indonesia so we indulged in a smoothie each. We’ve been back for three since…they’re so tasty and a burst of health to counter the beers which inevitably come later.

After checking the menu we decided we’d treat ourselves on our 3 year anniversary a few days later. Now, we know we usually always rave about only eating local but when you see big juicy beef burgers on the menu you surely cant ignore them!?? There comes a time when you just need a slice of home and this was it. Two burgers bigger than our stomachs and a few rounds of beers later and we were well and truly fulfilled.

We’ve been back a few times here for a cheeky evening beer; it has a great atmosphere and always good service…the staff always remembered us and we even have our picture up on the wall!

So if you’re about in KK and fancy more of a slap up meal or just a cheap cold beer then go check it out – and don’t forget to look for our smiling faces in the memory corner!

C & J


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