Plan Plan Plan; Our Next Four Months Revealed

11 months in, 6 countries down, lots of travelling and 5 jobs later it felt like it was time to think about what and where we wanted to head next. India had always been our big six month stint but we had never really planed what would come next. We both love travelling and this trip has only strengthened that passion and determination to turn travel into something more permanent but of course the pull of home is always there. Our families and friends are all there and with a new baby nephew and a few weddings on the horizon it was clear to us that after what will be 14  months on the road it was also important to go home and spend some time with those closest to us. For this reason we succumbed to thing we hate the most…a plan!

After many a stressful evening battling the slow wifi on the beach in Gokarna we booked our next four flights and made a plan, albeit still a rough one, of our next four months on the road. The plan made sure we could still fit in all the things we wanted to do including some more work, revisit some places we have fallen in love with, some spontaneous travel and catch the cheapest flight we’re sure we will ever find back to London – £270 – crazy cheap right!?

We thought we’d share this with you all so you can see whats coming up next on our worldwide adventure and give you a little insight into how we choose our itinerary – as you will see its pretty spontaneous!

Here’s our plan for the next four months…gulp!

22nd – 13th April – 3 weeks work in Jaipur

13th April – 16th May – Travel the North and North East of India
(Our itinerary includes; Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Delhi, Amritsar, Dharamsala, Manali, Shimla, Rishikesh, Lucknow, Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Calcutta and fly out of Chennai)

Sri Lanka

16th May – 14th June –
After a rather frustrating check in encounter with Air India who wouldn’t let us board our flight back to India without an outbound ticket we had to make a snap decision on where we wanted to go come May 2017. We had initially thought Nepal but after a quick Google search we saw that May would be slap bang in the middle of the monsoon season and so probably the wrong time of year to go. Thoughts quickly turned back to Sri Lanka which we had fallen in love with and had already discussed taking some time revisit for work and to figure out if this was maybe a place we could settle in the future…watch this space!

Decision quickly made and we booked an annoyingly expensive flight back to Colombo!

We had originally wanted to explore the East Coast of Sri Lanka on our return but after a little research we found that the job opportunities there were few and far between so we turned our sights back to the South Coast. Luckily, after a few applications, we were accepted for a job in Weligama in an amazing surf hostel right on the beach where we had stayed previously. Here we will not only volunteer to help with the day to day running of the hostel but also help out with the development of their community program!

More on this to come at a later date but safe to say we are excited!!


14th June – 13th July –
Our last part of the plan was also made within about thirty seconds flat when searching possible places to fly back to London from. We checked the usual culprits of Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur until we stumbled across the wonderfully cheap price of £270 from Bali to London. Could we spend another month in Bali we asked? Yes, absolutely! The more we thought about it the more we thought what a great way to end the first leg of our trip by returning to Bali for a month of relaxation, topping up the tan, most likely a bit of partying thrown in and more time exploring of the beautiful green interior. We hope to pick up some volunteer work in Bali for around two weeks before spending the last two weeks soaking up the last moments of backpacker life…for now!!


13th July –
By the time we take this flight it will have been 14 months since we packed up our lives in London and flew out of Heathrow with the whole world ahead of us. Since then we have done an incredible amount, have made memories that will last us a lifetime and have so many stories to tell. We are of course extremely excited to see all our nearest and dearest but also anxious at what it will be like to go home after so long on the road. Our views on life have inevitably changed and it will be interesting to see how we settle back in.

Of course this for us isn’t “going home” or “the end” (much to the disappointment of family and friends) but a chance to see everyone, catch up, recollect our thoughts, re-stock our backpacks, top up our bank accounts, renew our near expiring passports and hopefully gain visas for the next leg of our trip which we hope will see us head all the way to New Zealand!!

So, there’s our plan! We hope you think it’s a good one too and we’re excited to write all about it in the coming months including the chance to blog about our home towns and see them from a backpackers eye! If you have visited any of the above places comment below with your tips and secret spots – we’d love to hear them!

See, planning wasn’t that bad after all!!!!

Here we go….!

C & J x

3 thoughts on “Plan Plan Plan; Our Next Four Months Revealed

  1. Hey, Charlotte and Josh its Jaimin from India you are warmly welcomed to my country as you have plans for rajasthan north and north east part of our country do plan your trip to western ghat of maharshtra, karnatka, goa and kerla also these place are awsome during monsoon and it will be worth to see it….

    1. Thanks for your warm welcome! We have actually already been all over the South and sadly are leaving in a month after 6 amazing months. We are in the process of writing about our time there but thanks for the recommendations!

      Have a good day


  2. Hi, I am Yukti from DNA newspaper Jaipur. I want to do an article on you people so, if you can share your contact details


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