Our Story – A Big Fat Sri Lankan Surprise

We had been away for almost 8 months at the time of our little surprise adventure to Sri Lanka. The planning, however, had started long before!

We had known for a while that our best mates Tom and Amy had planned to visit Sri Lanka for a long holiday at the end of 2016. After an initial flight check we had told them that it would be far too expensive for us to make the flight from Goa but after very little deliberation we decided what the hell – it was worth the money and we just couldnt miss seeing them whilst they were so close! This is when our sneaky little idea started…!

We went from being worried to excited and laughing about the look on their faces when we rocked up in Sri Lanka! Now it was just the matter of organising ourselves far enough in advance and keeping it a secret from them and anyone else who may spill the beans before we managed the surprise! The games really began in our group whatsapp conversation; moaning to them about not having enough money to go, being the wrong side of India to get a flight, the timings just unfortunately not working…all the while having already booked 3 flights, a train and a bus to get there! Muhahaha…

After 3 and a half weeks in India our adventure was upon us and we flew from Goa to Bangalore, Bangalore to Chennai and Chennai to Colombo. We arrived at the airport and got a bus to Colombo centre then another bus for 4 hours from Colombo to Tangalle (If anyone does this journey, get the train! Its a quarter of the price and takes two and a half hours! Oops)

Our detective skills and subtle subliminal messaging to Tom and Amy had allowed us to work out exactly where they were staying including room number and part of the beach (excellent we know!)….the only problem was sneaking up on them without being seen. First things first, however, was a nervous night walking around Tangalle looking for food trying to cover ourselves under caps and behind menus….real 007 stuff! Obviously we were just being ridiculous as their cabana on the beach was 3km away and they were nowhere to be seen, but we enjoyed it!

After booking a homestay about 150 metres away from their room we checked in full of nerves and excitement but smug at the fact we had got this far completely undetected!

We set off down the path to the beach positive we knew exactly where we were going…wrong! Little did we know that on the same beach there are TWO, yes two Mango Bach Chalets!! Okay, there is actually a Mango Beach Chalet and Mango Beach Cabanas but how were we to know? So we wasted a good 35 minutes hopping around like Pink Panther thinking every leaf that rustled was either Tom and Amy!

We came to our senses and after looking everywhere realised that, yes, we probably were in the wrong place! We wandered down to the beach a little further and there far in the distance we saw two pasty (sorry!), English, friend looking like figures and so began our next hunt!! This time it was the real deal…

In the end the surprise couldn’t have been more perfect. Both soaking up the sun laying face down we managed to creep right up on them and say “Excuse me, do you mind if we sit here?” A confused look by Tom, screams, a rugby tackle, a lost bikini as Amy struggled to jump up, some ridiculous jumping celebrations and a group hug followed by beers made the journey all worthwhile!

Luckily we managed to catch all of this on film; you can check out the video here!

Watch out everyone, you could be next!!

Until next time…

C & J


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