Best Beaches in Uluwatu, Bali

After nearly three months on the road you’d think we were getting a bit sick of beaches by now wouldn’t you? Wrong! (Although maybe a bit more beach snobby!)

After arriving back in Bali and making our way down to what we have, affectionately, named ‘the blob’ or what is more commonly known as Uluwatu it was time for some more beach hopping adventures! We had planned two full days to do this but with the sun not playing ball and us not really enjoying the prospect of sitting on a beach dressed in our cag-in-a-bags it ended up being more like a day and a few hours!

So, here is our guide to a day and a few hours beach hopping in and around Uluwatu;

Day 1
Padang Padang beach

We had first heard of Padang Padang beach from a crazy Indonesian lady we met in a hostel in KL and so it was firmly on our list of beaches to visit and being so close to our homestay was easy to walk to in just 20 minutes once the rain had passed. To get to the beach you must first scale some rather large steps but when you reach the bottom and step out onto the deep sand and see the long beach stretching out you’ll forget all about the way back up! The beach starts with deep, crunchy sand – the type where your toes and ankles sink right in – before panning out into more rocky terrain. When we visited it was very quiet with only a few people lounging under the trees which hang out under the cliff backdrop. We took a walk right to the opposite end where there are some amazing rock formations and little rock pools to play in and where we could see another little beach just around the corner. Josh being Josh he was keen to scale the rocks and see what was on the other side whilst Charlotte slipped and slid around trying not to fall over behind. We failed to reach the other side which was, unbeknown to us at the time, the second, and more popular, Padang Padang beach. The entrance to the second beach is just a little further up the road and is charged at 10k per person for entry. Its a lot smaller beach but has the draw of more golden sand and is, it seems, where a gaggle of Uluwatus famous surfers congregate!

Day 2 (Full day)

NyangNyang Beach

Now, this beach ‘looks’ from the viewpoint like it has a stretch of white/golden sand with two parts of a shipwreck sitting right in the middle of the beach. I say ‘looks’ as for us and the majority of people we asked who were walking back, that’s as far as you get with this one…Its deserted and that’s because to get down to the beach itself you are faced with a draw-dropping downhill struggle. No descernable path or steps just rugged rocks and loose stones…not for the faint-hearted. Standing at the top looking down we decided that the amazing view would be enough for us but should we have walked down we think it would take about a 45 minutes/hour. Let us know if you make it!!

Padawan Beach

Further North up the coast from Nyang Nyang, Padawan is the southern section of Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is famed for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters and 5* resorts. If your looking for that we wouldn’t suggest going to Padawan…The price to actually get to the beach may match the 5* resorts further North at 30k but the beach is really nothing special and has a lot of seaweed and debris on it. However, it is a wide beach and sandy and if you want to take a picture of a Hollywood style Padawan beach sign then this is your chance! It was very busy when we were there but our mood had suffered a drastic turn at being charged an extortionate rate for in our opinion an average beach. So we looked around and with our tails between our legs, left in search of better!

Padang Padang Beach

After a quick pit stop for lunch, which involved our now ever present in dietary needs, a Pot Mie (an Indonesian pot noodle) we stopped at the bridge overlooking the smaller and far more crowded Padang Padang. The entrance fee’s were really starting to get to us and with the beach seemingly space less we decided a picture from the top would suffice and left the hoards to it and headed on to Impossibles…

Impossibles Beach

What a little gem. Another steep walk down, which in the rain would be incredibly slippery with some slight footed stone jumping necessary, you come out on a tiny stretch of sand inhabited with a couple of surf boards and not much else! An awesome place as we did to watch the last surfers of the day head out to catch the final waves before the sun trickled down out of sight. It creates an amazing silhouette of anything in view from the beach and the shimmering water looks amazingly inviting…Its just a bit of a shame about the coral and big rocks. Not for swimming this one….

Bingin Beach

And beach of the day goes to…..
Not just for its laid back vibe and amazing cafes with views out over the beach and the coastline but the beach itself. Offering amateur surfers the chance to get in the waves and sun worshippers the chance to sit back relax and enjoy a decent stretch of sand, this beach, of course unknowingly caters to everyone’s needs. We chose our vice in the shape of an awesome homestay come warung called Sticky 2. The upstairs balcony boasts insane views with the chance to relax in one of the many hammocks set up there. Don’t be put off by the fact the hammocks are outside peoples rooms, they are for general use (we think) and the owner, a crazy Italian guy and what appeared to be at least 3/4 brothers are so relaxed it wouldn’t matter anyway! If your not daring enough then downstairs are tables with comfy cushions! Or…hit the beach like your supposed to!

Dreamland Beach

Time had run out unfortunately, so a long range picture of the beach would have to do and our imagination could do the rest. From where we were though it looked like a golden stretch of deep sand with many sun loungers and resident sun lovers. Hey, take a trip there and let us know what its all about!

A short moped ride later and we were back at the homestay exhausted.

We would definitely recommend touring round the beaches and finding your favourite. They are all relatively close together and its easy to get between them all.

All in all a great way to spend a couple of days in Uluwatu!

C & J


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