Our Story – Lovina Lovin’, Bali

A sleepy little coastal town Lovina sits at the Northern end of Bali and has a much more laid back feel about it. Less hawkers, less people, less problems!

Our extravagantly expensive car (which we still can’t get over!) from Mount Batur dropped us in the main beach front square so we grabbed our bags and headed off to find the cheapest hostel possible for a couple of nights. Luckily it worked out pretty well! A local man shouted over to us as we were walking away from the beach towards to the main and told us he had ‘cheap room cheap room’. Cheap rooms he had indeed with a private room with fan only setting us back 100k a night! The insanely cute puppies on arrival helped with our decision and 5 minutes later we were settled into Lovina life!

Now, there isn’t a whole lot to do in Lovina as its a very small place so we decided to head to one of the beach front bars and set up shop in a happy hour with wifi and plan the next couple of days.

Climbing Mount Batur had been a shock to the system in the exercise department so we thought it best that we spend the next day just relaxing on the beach and taking in the lazy atmosphere of Lovina before heading off on a moped the day after to see some of the amazing waterfalls that surround the area.

We were successful with the first part of this, however, hiring a moped in Lovina is seemingly a tricky affair and one which takes a lot of documentation and decision making neither of which we had or were willing to do. Every single hire shop asked to see our International driving licence (which we don’t have) and to fill out our passport details (which we didn’t want to do). On further enquiry it seemed the police have a tendency to stop tourists on mopeds in Lovina and ask for money…strange!

As you can imagine, upon hearing such alarming news the only thing we could think to do was spend another day relaxing in the sun on the pretty nice black sand beach….so…..we did!

Before leaving, however, Charlotte wanted to see the famous dolphins that can regularly be found (along with 300 boats chasing them) at sunrise. We can let the pictures do the talking….

For a day or two to relax or if you have an international driving license, Lovina is a great place to stop and see the surrounding area. Or like us just enjoy mooching around and not doing much for a couple of days and talk to the really friendly locals on the beach!

Java awaits..

C & J


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