About Us

A bit about us…

We’re Charlotte & Josh, a 27 & 28 year old couple from London with an insatiable passion for travel.

Our story…

It was  a typically grey day in London when we first laid eyes on each other; waiting in the reception of Groupon HQ on what would be our first day at a new job. A few months in, bonding over a mutual love of travel, it was a drunken kiss outside Monument tube station that would eventually lead us down the path to the biggest adventure of our lives.

Josh had been living in  London for 6 years trying to find what it was he really wanted to do…aside from socialising of course! He had  been travelling once as a fresh faced 18 year old and then again (maybe not so fresh) in between his first and second year at university. Charlotte had returned from a solo, round the world trip two weeks before starting at Groupon and was inevitably hooked and already desperate to return. We spent two years at Groupon before looking for pastures new; Josh began work in property and Charlotte at Booking.com trying to incorporate work and travel to feed her addiction.

All in all we spent two years together in London working, partying, moving between numerous flats and house-mates and taking mini breaks whenever we could find the time and money. But, in the back of our minds travel was always a reminder of a time when we had felt most content.

Then in August 2015, sat in the garden at Josh’s home in Cambridge (Charlotte was suffering from Josh induced food poisoning) we had what some may call an epiphany. London life had begun to take its toll; the commuting, the 9-6 jobs, endless hard work for next to no pay and sky high rent made us long for the thrill of previous travels. We had to ask ourselves if it was all worth it? The saying goes ‘If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life’ but for us life seemed so much more than what London living had become. Why continue clock watching day in, day out? Why continue the monotony of work, gym, eat, sleep, repeat? Why continue living for only the weekends? And why put up with those misery inducing weekly Sunday blues when there was so much more out there that we could be doing and seeing?

So, as Charlotte lay on what felt like her death bed, Josh uttered the best three little words he has ever said… “Lets just go!”. After years of pestering Josh that they should go away together, it took all of five seconds for Charlotte to agree and all of five minutes to actually make the decision of a lifetime – that now was the time to follow our dreams and travel without limitations.

Why The Spindrifters?

spray blown from the crests of waves by the wind.

After months of pondering over a “fitting” name for our blog-to-be, and discarding literally hundreds of both average and down right awful suggestions from each other and both friends and family we happened across the word ‘Spindrift’. It was Charlotte’s brother who introduced us to the word which was foreign to us at the time. Once we had researched the meaning, we knew instantly it was the name for us! In a weird coincidence Josh’s Mum told us it also happened to be the name of the holiday cottage they stayed at each summer…fate!

Much like the spray blown from the crest of the waves we wanted to be spontaneous and blown any way the wind took us. To follow spur of the moment decisions on places that took our fancy, dream locations, people we met and any opportunities we found along the way. We wanted simply to drift…

The countdown…

We’d like to say that the next nine months were a blur of excitedly waiting but that would be a slight fabrication. We were of course excited but it took a lot of hard work, a lot of saying ‘No’ and a lot of reminding each other of the end goal to save enough money to even consider booking a flight; But, the day eventually came and on the first day of the new year we booked our one-way ticket out of England for the 2nd May 2016. It had, of course, all been worth it and now we had light at the end of the tunnel it was time to start planning and really getting excited!

Leaving day…

After packing up shop in London we had both gone back home to our families for a week of last goodbyes. So when we finally ran into each others arms at Heathrow it had felt like a long time apart but mostly filled with packing, re-packing and stuffing more and more into our already bulging backpacks. Bags checked in, bowls of coffee drunk and parents finally acquainted it was time to tear away from all home comforts and step into our unknown. We crossed through security teary-eyed and waving frantically in any direction and whilst goodbyes are never easy we could not wait to see what the world had to offer.

We have already experienced some amazing things but keep reading and follow us to see where the journey takes us!

‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined’

C & J